My KDrama Recommendation 2017

There are plenty of korean drama that ended in 2017 that catches my attention. Some garnered high rating and some were flopped but still love them the same. How do i chose my best kdrama?

  1. CAST. It’s the first thing that i check. what i prefer is not necessarily that ‘ridiculously’ good looking actor but that ‘talented’ actor. I have seen a lot of beautiful and handsome actor and actresses casted in dramas but they lack the acting talent. What i want to see is the talent of acting and not just that pretty face.
  2. STORYLINE. I have my own preferences when it comes to the story of the drama. I started watching kdrama during my teen days and just like other typical teenager, i love school love stories and cinderella theme stories.
  3. GENRE.  i like historical, romance, thriller, time-traveling, gender bender drama and a cinderella theme genre, i am a sucker for that.

I have listed here the drama that i would like to recommend to everyone. this is not in order.


HWARANG: THE BEGINNING- Who would not love this historical drama with lots of good looking Hwarang. Honestly, Park Seo Joon is my bias, he is a talented and of coarse handsome actor. Go Ara, This pretty girl can act. I like their chemistry in this drama, i’ve read some comment about her acting but i think they are wrong, she can portray her role very well and i can feel her emotions and  i especially love looking at her hazel-brown eyes. I watched this drama twice already and i know i will re-watch this dram soon. Watch this drama if you are fond of romantic historical drama.


WITCH’S COURT – I love strong kick-ass female lead! and this drama is perfect for that theme.


GO BACK COUPLE – A time traveling genre that brings you back to your younger year, if you are given the chance to change your past, what will you do? I love this drama because even if they were given the chance to change their future, they still choose to stay together, Their love for each other is stronger that any misunderstanding. Special Mention to the male second lead, he is good looking.


FATHER IS STRANGE – I really hate long dramas but Father is Strange is an exemption. I watched from start to finish without skipping any episode! this drama made me laugh, love and cry. My favorite romance is between Ahn Joong Hee and Mi Young.

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TWO COPS- this is about the partnership between a detective and a con man. their partnership that resulted to hilarious events, you never stop laughing at their stints. the main focus of the story is about how they unravel the truth about the past accident that killed their families.


WEIGHTLIFTING FAIRY- A strong female lead/school drama

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STAR OF THE UNIVERSE- a short series

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QUEEN OF THE RING – short series

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ROMANTIC DOCTOR, TEACHER KIM – If you are fond of medical drama this is perfect for you.

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MY SASSY GIRL – Historical drama starring Joo Won. This is a romantic comedy between a princess and a Son of an aristocrat during the Joseon Dynasty.

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LEGEND OF THE BLUE SEA-  Another Lee Min Ho’s over rated Drama. But this is undeniably a good drama.

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SUSPICIOUS PARTNER- Drama bout Prosecutors and Lawyers? im in. the chemistry between the two lead is undeniably obvious. i reeeeelllllyyyy love their onscreen chemistry. The story moved so fast that you have no time to get bored. Ji Chang Wook + Great Chemistry + Great Story = One of the best drama!

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JUDGE VS. JUDGE- It has little romance but worth your time.

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BRIDE OF THE WATER GOD- The manhwa version of this drama is far better than the drama. I don’t know what went wrong that this drama was a flop. It started good. I really anticipated this drama. I waited every episode to air, but sadly, as the story goes on i lost interest of the drama. The only consolation that i get is that it ended happily. But generally speaking, this drama is just meh…

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GOBLIN- This is probably my most favorite of all the drama aired in 2017. This is the saddest drama out there you can find. The agony and pain was still engraved in my heart that it hurt  every time i am reminded of this drama. This only proved how good the acting that it affected the viewer. The ending may be not so satisfying but still, the overall story is one of he best story i watched.

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DESERVING OF THR NAME A.K.A LIVE UP YOUR NAME- A time traveling drama from modern era to Joseon and back. This is one of my favorite drama so far, I would recommend this drama for you to try.


MY SECRET ROMANCE-  This is a good example of a Cinderella theme drama, a typical Rich boy, poor girl story.

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BLACK- Another Go Ara drama that i love. There is thrill and excitement every episode of the drama. I recommend this to everyone.

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STRONG WOMAN DO BONG SOO- This is probably the cutest drama for 2017. Again, a strong kick-ass female lead. I love the combination of romance, comedy and romance. The ending is satisfying.

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MAN TO MAN-  If you like action with romance, try Man to Man. I like how the romance progress and also the bromance between the two male lead.